SpatialCentral provides a robust and flexible server-based GIS data QA / QC application and GIS database repository for use in the role of Spatial Information Interface at the local or regional level.

  • Allows multiple GIS users to upload mission critical spatial data
  • Automatically validates data in support of required NG9-1-1 functionality for public safety and emergency response
  • Provides a complete set of geometric and attribution-based validation checks to help insure the completeness and integrity of the GIS data uploaded BEFORE it is provisioned to other 9-1-1 mission critical applications

Working in conjunction with DataNexus and SpatialStation, SpatialCentral allows GIS updates to flow unimpeded from SpatialStation to SpatialCentral to DataNexus, providing a second level of QA/QC support. SpatialCentral, together with SpatialStation, DataNexus, and SpatialScene, helps 9-1-1 authorities ensure that they have the best possible data for use in a live NG9-1-1 geospatial call-routing environment.