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“The help from the 911 Datamaster team had an immediate impact. Once we realized what SpatialStation was capable of, we knew we were on the right path. Having the team from Data Services working with us, we were able to improve our data quality and begin the transition to the much-needed new data schema. The people and services at 911 Datamaster have allowed us to see the future.”

“We thought our data was good. But, when we started to check it manually we discovered thousands of errors. With 18 counties in our Council of Governments, each with its own MSAG, we were looking at thousands of hours just to get started. SpatialStation identifies and shows you the errors when you select a road. Once you fix an error it shows you the error resolved and then corrects all the related errors. We can do it minutes what it would take us months to do manually. It’s a million times easier with SpatialStation.”

“Today we have the tools to build our own database that will provide geo-enhanced call routing for all our PSAPs. Most importantly, these tools help us reconcile and maintain location information from all sources, whether it comes from the telco provider, the MSAG, or GIS. 911 Datamaster has been our partner throughout the process and continues to work closely with us as we continue to implement each piece of the puzzle.”

“[The move to DataNexus] allowed us to start building our next generation database and reconcile our MSAG and post office data seamlessly. It was a very useful tool for us.”

“Rock solid software performing a mission-critical function, plus world-class technical and customer support, Datamaster is one of the few software products our agency has been completely satisfied with. The folks at 911 Datamaster have always been responsive to our requests, and gone the extra mile to assure the quality and robustness of our E911 solution.”

“Whether you are a novice or an experienced database employee the Datamaster software is extremely user friendly. Also, the software support is very responsive and constantly updated as industry standards change.”

“I have used 911 Datamaster for 5 years and they are responsive, knowledgeable, and most importantly dependable. If I have any database issues, they quickly handle my problem.”

“Datamaster provides outstanding customer support and an outstanding product. They have a passion for excellence, and I have always been extremely pleased with their products.”

“The greatest value of having our own ALI database is the control we now have. Now when we need to change any of our ALI database information it is accomplished immediately instead of having to submit it and wait for the change. This control has given us the ability to dramatically improve the quality of the 9-1-1 Database.”

“The user interface is intuitive and appropriate for all levels of expertise, providing a complete 9-1-1 database solution. Datamaster is very customer oriented and overall a great company that inspires confidence.”

“In 2003, Erie County Department of Public Safety researched Stand-Alone ALI/DBMS systems for the replacement of our existing Stand-Alone ALI system, HP3000 due to HP announcement that the product would no longer be supported. After extensive research by our staff, Erie County Department of Public Safety purchased the Sentinel ALI/DBMS System from 911 Datamaster and CML Emergency Services.The Stand-Alone ALI/DBMS System has enabled our in-house GIS/Database staff to maintain our ALI Database within 99.8 percent accuracy. The technical support through 911 Datamaster has been superior with 24 hr/ 7 day/365 yr support, including software enhancements. I would recommend the 911 Datamaster ALI/DBMS products to any Nationwide Public Safety Answering Points, and would welcome any Public Safety Answering Points considering the purchase of a Stand-Alone ALI/DBMS System to contact our staff for a recommendation and/or consider an on-site visit to our center.”

“[The move to DataNexus®] allowed us to start building our next generation database and reconcile our city, county, MSAG and post office data seamlessly. It was a very useful tool for us.”

“Quick compliment…I really dig the new WebDBMS feature that allows me to see the list of customer records (TN, name, address) that are associated with the corresponding MSAG range. Well done on this, Datamaster!”