Industry Standards Participation

National Emergency Number Assocation

  • Development Steering Council – Oversees all technical and operational standards work for NENA.
  • i3 Standard for Next Generation 911 Workgroup – End-to-end architecture for the i3 design specifications.
  • NG911 Data Transition Workgroup – Developed design concepts and guidelines for transitioning data and processes from an E911 environment to a NG9-1-1 environment.
  • NG911 Additional Data Workgroup – Defining the use of additional data associated with a call, a location, and a caller within a NG911 environment.
  • NG911 GIS Data Model Workgroup – Creating the GIS database schema to be used throughout NG911 applicable applications and functions.
  • GIS Data Stewardship for Next Generation 911 Workgroup – Documenting the entirety of GIS activities for NG911.
  • GIS Stewardship for NG911: Emergency Service Boundaries Workgroup.
  • GIS Stewardship for NG911: Road Centerline Workgroup.
  • Site Structure Address Point GIS Data for 911 Workgroup – Developing guidelines on how best to build an address points layer.
  • Next Generation 911 Data Management Workgroup – Compiling the error and warning notification requirements for NG911 elements.
  • Utilization of GIS Data in NGCS Workgroup – Establishing what GIS data is needed by the ECRF and its use.
  • Forest Guide – Developed requirements for a national FG for ECRF interoperability.
  • GIS Data Transition Workgroup – Provides planning guidance on migrating from traditional 9-1-1 call routing data to NG9-1-1 call routing data.
  • NENA 3D GIS Requirements Workgroup – Establishing guidelines for resolving routing queries in three-dimensions.

Association of Public Safety Communications Officers

  • Member of APCO Standards Development Committee (SDC)
  • Member of APCO SDC Technical Sub-Committee

National States Geographic Information Council

  • NENA Liaison to NSGIC


As a member of the ESRI Gold Partner Network, 911Datamaster can develop geospatial-centric applications with the world’s leading authority on GIS.

As a member of multiple NENA work groups and councils, 911Datamaster contributes to a wide range of NG911 NENA standards.

A 911Datamaster team member is a NENA’s liaison/representative to NSGIC, facilitating coordination and information exchange.