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Ongoing Industry Participation

NENA GIS Data Stewardship Workgroup – Boundary Data

The GIS Data Stewardship Workgroup gives special consideration to GIS layers used for Location Validation and Emergency Call Routing Functions in NG9-1-1. Specifically, this workgroup seeks to address PSAP boundaries as a GIS layer, as well as responder boundaries in a first step toward a primary document covering all GIS data required for NG9-1-1.

Friday | Recurring Weekly

NENA GIS Data Stewardship Workgroup – Road Centerline Data

Richard Kelly, Co-Chair

This new workgroup will specifically work on guidance for the development and maintenance for road centerlines used in NG9-1-1 Location Validation and Emergency Call Routing Functions. Work from this group will be provided to the core Data Stewardship Workgroup for integration in to the primary document.

This workgroup is still in formation.

NENA Civic Location Data Exchange Format (CLDXF) Workgroup

This workgroup has reconvened to update the current Civic Location Data eXchange Format (CLDXF) standard from v1 to v2. This includes addressing issues raised in other NENA workgroups that impact or need to be referenced in this standard.

Wednesdays | Recurring Weekly

NENA i3 Architecture Workgroup

This workgroup is responsible for the ongoing development and evolution of the NENA i3 standard for NG9-1-1 that provides call and data handling functionality between 9-1-1 call originators and 9-1-1 call centers. The workgroup is currently working on v3 of this standard.

Thursday | Recurring Weekly

National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) NG9-1-1 Workgroup

Richard Kelly, NENA to NSGIC Liaison

This workgroup promotes the application of GIS and other location-based information and analytics to best serve the nation. Emphasis is placed on the power of initiatives and public policy that connect across local, state, federal, and private sector partners. NENA supports the workgroup’s efforts in NG9-1-1 participation and education.

Thursday | Recurring Monthly

APCO Standards Development Committee (SDC) Technical Sub-Committee

This advisory subcommittee supports the main APCO SDC membership as subject matter experts on the development, approval, maintenance, revision, reaffirmation, adoption, and withdrawal of APCO’s ANS standards. Currently this subcommittee is working on a long-term strategic education plan for the US.

Wednesday | Recurring Monthly