911Datamaster provides industry standard resources as well as videos and forums of our products to help you understand NG911 data at every functional level. We are active in many forums and events. We are NENA’s liaison to NSGIC.

Videos and Forums

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Industry Participation

NENA Involvement

  • Development Steering Council – Oversees all technical and operational standards work for NENA. Co-Chair, Jim Shepard
  • i3 Standard for Next Generation 911 Workgroup – End-to-end architecture for the i3 design specifications. Jim Kringle
  • NG911 Data Transition Workgroup – Developed design concepts and guidelines for transitioning data and processes from an E911 environment to a NG9-1-1 environment. Chair, Jim Kringle
  • NG911 Additional Data Workgroup – Defining the use of additional data associated with a call, a location, and a caller within a NG911 environment. Jim Shepard
  • NG911 GIS Data Model Workgroup – Creating the GIS database schema to be used throughout NG911 applicable applications and functions. Richard Kelly
  • GIS Data Stewardship for Next Generation 911 Workgroup – Documenting the entirety of GIS activities for NG911. Kristen Strobel
  • GIS Stewardship for NG911: Emergency Service Boundaries Workgroup. Kristen Strobel, Richard Kelly, and Jim Kringle
  • GIS Stewardship for NG911: Road Centerline Workgroup. Richard Kelly
  • Site Structure Address Point GIS Data for 911 Workgroup – Developing guidelines on how best to build an address points layer. Co-Chair, Richard Kelly
  • Next Generation 911 Data Management Workgroup – Compiling the error and warning notification requirements for NG911 elements. Richard Kelly and Jim Shepard
  • Provisioning and Maintenance of GIS data to ECRFs and LVFs Workgroup – Establishing what GIS data is needed by the ECRF and its use. Co-Chair Richard Kelly and Jim Shepard
  • Forest Guide – Developed requirements for a national FG for ECRF interoperability. Chair, Jim Shepard
  • GIS Data Transition Workgroup . Jim Kringle
  • NENA 3D GIS Requirements Workgroup – Establishing guidelines for resolving routing queries in three-dimensions. Richard Kelly

APCO Involvement

  • Member of APCO Standards Development Committee (SDC) Technical Sub-Committee Richard Kelly
  • Member of APCO Standards Development Committee (SDC)

NSGIC Involvement

  • NENA Liaison to NSGIC

NG9-1-1 Institute Involvement

  • Previously served on the Board of Directors. Jim Shepard
  • Previously served as the Chairman of the Board. Jim Shepard


As a member of the ESRI Gold Partner Network, 911Datamaster can develop geospatial-centric applications with the world’s leading authority on GIS.

As a member of multiple NENA work groups and councils, 911Datamaster contributes to a wide range of NG911 NENA standards.

A 911Datamaster team member is a NENA’s liaison/representative to NSGIC, facilitating coordination and information exchange.